California Democratic Convention: Sunday

Eleanore Rewerts from California Democratic Convention – Sacramento – Sunday, May 21, 2017

This is my final blog from the Convention. This was a very dramatic weekend. Yesterday we voted for the new officers of the California Democratic Party for the next for years. Winners announced were:

Female Vice-Chair: Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker

Male Vice-Chair: Daraka Larimore-Hall

Secretary: Jenny Bach (after a run-off this morning)

Controller: Daniel Weitzman

While the Chair was announced last night to be Eric Baumann, his opponent Kimberly Ellis has asked and been granted an audit of the votes. It would appear that only 2600 delegates were registered, but 2900 voted. Not sure how that could occur, but guess we’ll find out. Ms. Ellis was ahead almost until the end of the vote count, and then mysteriously lost the election. Will keep you informed as more information comes out.

Today, in addition to the run-off election for Secretary, the delegates approved a number of resolutions. Unfortunately, I became ill and had to leave before the vote. So as soon as I can get copies of the winning resolutions, I will forward that information on to you.

This was an experience I won’t soon forget. Talk to you soon!


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