California Democratic Convention: Saturday

Eleanore Rewerts from California Democratic Convention – Sacramento Saturday, May 20, 2017

Today started out early – 7:30am.

Women’s Caucus

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a room with more energized people, mostly women, in my life. These women are on fire! We started the day recognizing Wanda Harris, former Secretary of the Caucus, who lost her life to cancer last night. We all wore purple beads, her signature color. She was called the “Rock” for many women in the room. She will be sorely missed.

NARAL Pro-Choice made a presentation on the attack on women’s health, particularly Planned Parenthood. This is a national organization with a heavy presence in California. If you want to promote women’s health, please join.

The AHCA (Trumpcare or as it is being called here, Wealthcare) is the single most destructive piece of legislation for women in history!

As you all know, we have all been making many calls to Congress & the Senate in the last 120 days. It was announced that 87% of those calls came from women. We are the majority in the Country, and we show out. Unfortunately, our California legislature is 25% women, not nearly enough!

General Sessions

We had 2 General Sessions today. The morning session included a tribute to John Burton, current Chair of the California Democratic Party, who is retiring. We heard from several women who John had mentored or worked on the campaigns over the years. Among those speaking were Nancy Pelosi, a representative for Barbara Boxer, Hilda Solis, Barbara Lee, Fiona Ma, Betty Yee and Martha Escutia. I’m sure you recognize most of these names. John may be a “crass” personality, but he is loved by all those whose lives he has touched over the years.

We heard from all the candidates running for the Party statewide offices. In addition, we heard from many of the candidates for office in 2018. These included candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General.

After the 2nd General Session, all 3300 of us got in line to vote for the incoming officers. That was a major mess, to say the least. Unfortunately, in the middle of the line, one of the candidate’s supporters held a rally and disrupted the line. But we got through it and should know the election results at our General Session tomorrow.

Convention Dinner

Dean & I attended the dinner tonight. John Burton was presented with a photo of him working way back in 1965. Needless to say, he is quite gray compared to then.

Congressman Adam Schiff gave the Keynote Speech. Most of you will recognize his name as the Ranking Member on the House Intelligence Committee, helping to run the investigation into the Trump administration’s ties to Russia. It was a great speech, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see his name as a candidate for President in 2020.

Disabilities Caucus

Unfortunately, this caucus was running during the dinner, so I wasn’t able to attend. But I have a list of concerns from our local disabled folks, and will contact them after the Convention to see where things stand on those issues.

If you have immigration concerns, visit California Dreamers on the web to find out how you can help.

Again, many bills were mentioned that we need to follow & take action on. These will be included in the next notice that goes out.

Tomorrow, we will have a run-off election for those offices that didn’t have a majority, followed by a General Session. Talk to you after the Convention.


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