California Democratic Convention: Friday

Eleanore Rewerts from California Democratic Convention – Sacramento – Friday, May 19, 2017

I am a new delegate to the Convention, appointed by the Yuba County Democratic Central Committee. I attended two caucuses today after collecting my credentials and swag bag. Bag contained lots of literature for those running for officers of the Party, and those who have declared for the 2018 General Election. Also included were useful things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, hand sanitizer, a travel mug and some office supply items.

Senior Caucus

We discussed attacks on Social Security, primarily that it has its own fund and IS NOT part of the federal budget. So when you hear someone say that Social Security needs to be cut to help the budget, it is “FAKE NEWS”. The only part that is in the budget are office expenses and staff. We need to keep the pressure on in our districts, especially those with Republican representatives.

It was recommended that everyone join California Association of Retired Americans (CARA). They work solely on aging and long term care issues.

There are several bills they recommended we follow & SUPPORT/OPPOSE, as appropriate. I will have a report on those in the next week or so.

Rural Caucus

This caucus has been partially responsible for changing the Red/Blue county distribution over the last two years from 17 to 32 currently Blue counties. And there are five more within 5% possibility of turning blue: Kern 1%; Butte ½%; Del Norte 4%; Orange (yeah Orange) 4%; San Luis Obispo ½%. This is remarkable, but we have lots of work to do.


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