We started a blog!

Hello everyone, Sami here.

In the interest of being able to share in-depth information, experiences and viewpoints without overwhelming our Facebook feed or newsletter length, we’ve decided to start a group blog!

Anyone on the team is welcome to contribute, just write something up that you would like published on the blog and send it to me (info in the Contact tab) and I will publish it and send you a link to share, as well as send it out via our Social Media platforms. It may be linked in the weekly newsletter as well.

Some minimal ground rules: Please no cursing or hostile language, please be willing to use your first name at least (to identify who is writing) and please fact check yourself. I can edit for spelling/grammar, etc. but I won’t have time to fact check everything.

Please allow 24 hours for publishing unless it is an absolute emergency and you need the information posted ASAP.

We look forward to hearing from more voices in our group!


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